Welcome to Ms. Hudson's 6th Grade ELA Class

Google Meeting Link: http:////meet.google.com/hro-tdcr-occ

Dial In: 1-304-459-9214 Pin: 613 794 009#



6th Grade ELA Schedule:


7:50am-8:40am-Activity (Planning Period)

8:45-9:55am- ELA Instruction (Hudson's Group)

10:00-11:05am- ELA Instruction (Davis's Group)

11:10-12:15pm-ELA Instruction (Mason's Group)

12:15-12:55pm-Lunch/Restroom Break

1:00-1:30pm-Lexia Intervention

1:30-2:30pm- ELA Instruction

2:30-2:50pm-Recess/Restroom Break


ELA Interventions:

  • Pulling/Small Groups (EVERY Thursday)
  • Lexia (All students must meet their weekly intervention goal each week)
  • i-Ready Reading (All students are to complete ONE lesson each week)

A.R. Books

Student's may use "Get Epic" to access and read A.R. books  www.getepic.com

Hudson's Code: ldq0274

A.R. Test:  https://hosted16.renlearn.com/707759

**ALL students are to have 20 A.R books read & passed (score of 80% & above) by the end of the 2nd Semester**



Performance Matters:

**Students will take online Assessments through Performance Matters by using the following link: 



The student's login username:  first name initial, last name initial, lunch number
Student Password: (STATE ID NUMBER) two or three zeros plus the student's lunch number


-ALL 6th grade students are to meet their WEEKLY Intervention Goal on Lexia. (Students will receive a grade on Intervention)

-Independent Work is posted EVERY Thursday on i-Ready Reading or Schoology  to complete.

-The Weekly Test on R.L 6.3 will be given on Friday, October 1, 2021 for all 6th grade English & Reading Students.

-ALL Students are to read and pass FIVE A.R. Books by the end of the 1st 9wks.

-Students are to have TWENTY A.R. Books read and passed (with the score of 80% & above) by the end of the  4th 9 weeks.

-Please check Schoology daily for all assignments, HOMEWORK, & extra credit assignments.


Email: shudson@hssdk12.org

Phone: 662-252-2329 ext. 8075